Société Générale

2013 Paris


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The lift, built in the '30s is located in a pathway with a trapezoidal section. At the time of the first plant the separation between the ramps and the cabin was built with handrails and railings made with specially forged steel. After the war, to avoid contact between users and the cabin in motion, a system of flat and curved tempered glass, supported by varnished iron half-rods mounted on the handrail, with a height limited to about 160 cm on the steps. These glasses followed the helical ramps and stringers of the ladder.

With the update of the safety regulations it was necessary to redesign the entire system of separation between ramp and cabin. The intervention has achieved this goal by completely replacing the obsolete glass system with new panels which completely close in the space between the handrail and the stringer upper ceiling. Given the considerable difficulty of detecting a state of the places with infinite reflections generated by the surrounding environment, a special software, unaffected by the transparencies, through which the shapes of the existing glass panels have been accurately reproduced.

The new glass panels (made in a tempered and laminated solution, flat and curved) were discretized and adapted to the relative distance between the handrail and the overlying stringer as well as to the different inclinations of the ramps. The metal devices connecting and anchoring have been produced "handmade" to adapt to the many different geometric and assembly requirements, have been given a surface finish in order to adapt them to the liberty appearance of the surrounding environment. The glass- devices system was certificated without reserve by SOCOTEC-FR.

La Forgiatura

2012 Milan


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The hill, in its green covered part, hides the technological elements and garages. The transparent part is made with a complex "structural glazing system and punctual fittings" which allows natural lighting of the rooms below. The mounting system has been specially designed by our technical department, thus giving life to a skeleton of particular structural grace, best interpreting the instructions and the design of the Designer. The glass skin covers the steel structures with large prismatic shapes.

The anchoring system with multidirectional devices, solves both the constraint conditions and the ones related to supporting the glass in the vertices at different levels and also meets the practical needs (tilt, regulation and discretion) of the great triangular panels. These are nr. 28 large triangles in structural glass with different inclinations, each divided into nr. 9 different panels. Each panel consists of two 10mm thick clear float tempered and laminated sheets in the classical safety solution. The edges of the plates are joined together by a thin line of silicone sealant, specifically for this kind of use, as a safeguard against dilating movements and temperature changes.

Multipurpose Center

2012 Rome


Categories: coverings, enclosures, stairs

The old cinema Belsito, located in Piazza delle Medaglie d'Oro in Rome, has been restored and destined for one of the premises of the Grande Oriente d'Italia. The project was carried out covering the large central light well with a system of mullions and transoms and thermal safe glazing.

Under the cover a peculiar staircase made with steel and glass acts as a link between the two levels. The double stringer staircase, made in stainless steel, with its interposed landing, is anchored to the floors of departure and arrival. The length of the ramps required an additional anchorage to the slab obtained with a pair of steel tie beams. The fully glazed parapets are made in class 3 as well as those of the perimetral landings. The stainless steel tubular handrail connects the whole system seamlessly.

Two overlapping meeting rooms face the light well, receiving light and sound insulation through self-supporting anti-fall special windows with no perimeter frame, supported by vertical ribs also made of glass. The devices providing metal anchorage, support and load transfer are all specially-made based on architectural design.

Assessorati Regione Puglia

2011 Bari


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The case involves two buildings each with a central rectangular courtyard, newly built, linked from the main entrance. The vertical walls of the outer and inner courts are composed of a high-performance thermal facade, of the kind with mullions and transoms, with opaque paneling and stained glass windows. The glass roof between the two buildings lights naturally without solar effects the large room of the main entrance where the walls are entirely paneled in wood veneer installed on a substructure with invisible hooks.

The curten wall are integrated on the E-S-W fronts, heavily exposed to solar radiation, using a solar shading system with large sheets of glass supported by reticular elements made of painted light alloy, with cast aluminum joints connected and anchored directly to the uprights of the facade with a retractable device (specially designed and built).

Auditorium Unità d'Italia

2010 Isernia


Categories: facades, enclosures, specials, windows

With its box-like shape, the building identifies with a large boulder that the earth generates from the inside.

The glass facades affect the prospects of the "cracks" desired by the designer as well as the perimetral bo-windows. The peculiar inclined cut of the sloping floors has required the adoption of a system of profiles that could join on to the other in a rotation knee corresponding to the three-dimensional cut of the facades. The angles and dimensions have required the use of a mounting apparatus specially built to facilitate the "upside down" installation of the heavy panels also considered the presence of the necessary scaffolding.

The system used is of the type with mullions and transoms with static and thermal high-performance, forming a network with large glazed panels. Onto the sloping facade are then entered the boxed entry portals.

The system of multiple-entry with function of Emergency Exits with its very high doors has been specifically certified, in compliance with the regulations in force.

For this project the tools, the skills and experience of 3D detection of our technical staff has been instrumental to the achievement of the result desired by the architecture.


2008 Cyprus


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The monumental complex of Bedestan is located in the Turkish part of the historic core of the city of Nicosia, and owes its name to the function of the market of fabrics and precious objects for which it was intended during the Ottoman period (1570-1878) following the conquest and transformation of a pre-existing Christian church built by the Venetians and dedicated to St. Nicholas. The restoration initiative is part of the activities supported by the UN with the plan "Rehabilitation of Old Nicosia" made in cooperation with the Nicosia Master Plan.

The design team has required, in this case, the utmost "respect for the monument" and specifically to avoid any metallic insertion in the masonry. The arches to be glazed had also undergone major deformations and displacements from the vertical plane because of the earthquakes that have occurred. The glazing system had therefore to take into account the seismic risk and the need for physical separation between glass and masonry. With these data and requests, accepting the challenge, we designed an anchoring system absolutely respectful: no drilling has been carried out on the stone! The devices, completely in AISI 316 stainless steel, support four volumes of glass with impressive size and thickness (the glass weighs over 2Ton), as shown in the pictures. Great perpendicular bracing ribs oppose the atmospheric intemperances (Nicosia is one of the windiest Mediterranean cities).

In this project too, the instrumental detection and technical expertise have allowed us to produce the stained glass windows in Italy, making them ready for assembly, which has been performed "manually", without mechanical means of lifting. The size of the arc, mt. 6 x 6h, tell the specificity of this achievement.

Microsoft Offices

2007 Rome


Categories: coverings, stairs, large windows

In this new building in the EUR district, transparent facades have been inserted, enclosing the pathway of the panoramic lifts. The glazing, which covers the entire height of the building turning on the roof, consists of large panels suspended from the stainless steel columns placed at the vertexes. In this construction, the glasses contribute to the static bracing system.

The internal staircase connecting the floors consists of a pair of pre-painted steel stringers, laser cut, and braced by the treads and landings made of solid wood. The parapets anchored to points to the same structure are made of transparent glass with a high degree of structural strength. The panels are connected by a continuous handrail in tubular stainless steel and spherical junctions. The prefabrication system designed allows the quick assembly without welding of an internal/external ladder with ramps and landings with a length of up to 7 mt, seamless, and widths up to 2.4 meters. A special thanks to the Designer and Construction Manager, Arch. Carlo Farroni, whose estrus was able to define and model the harmony of many elements, bringing Art to life! A very exciting experience!

Musei Capitolini

2005 Rome


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The new museum environment, set up in the Roman Garden of Palazzo dei Conservatori – Giardino Caffarelli is intended to provide the Musei Capitolini complex with new exhibition spaces. The original Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius has been located in the new great hall. The realization is born from the prodigious intuition of Prof. Carlo Aymonino and represents the ability to transform an architectural idea into finished work. In this case the collaboration with the architecture starts from the first sketches produced by Prof. Aymonino. The challenge has been to create the glass shell as for the expectations of the designer with the necessary engineering adaptations.

The roof in the shape of a truncated ellipse, having an area of approximately 600 square meters, has generated a glazing system consisting of panels all different from each other that also provide the correct slope for proper rainwater draining (in the center of the dome the rise is just over 2 meters).

The glasses rest on a system of "coffered" steel beams through special devices that allow the three-dimensional adjustment of the glass floor and provide the anchor points for the panels. The perimeter gutter system, of course elliptical, allowed to hide from view the channels for the collection and disposal of rainwater, which goes in special drainpipes inserted into the six columns which support the structure. The glazing of the upper tambour is made of a system of transparent panels in structural glass with a louvre opening that towers above the large fixed windows. Special ribs made of structural glass, connected to the upper ring girder, support and windbrace the glazing system through the only visible profile. The slats that open are operated by electric actuators with rods and joints specially designed to operate simultaneously along the ellipse. The glass cover of the large room, located at the foot of the tambour is made of glass panels also supported by the same devices. The opaque glass false ceiling is placed on the intrados of the roof.

Curvet Plant

2004 Laterza


Categories: facades, enclosures, specials, windows

The office area of the great plant is characterized by the long curved glass. The name of the client suggested setting up a facade that recalls the know-how of the factory.

So we have designed and implemented a facade system by unusually curving the uprights. To provide stability to the system constrained to only 2 floors, we realized external architectural ribs in double aluminum sheet and spacers (with the function of composite beam) anchored directly to the facade system (mullion profiles).

The double glass of impressive dimensions (140 x 330h cm) were bent and assembled directly at the factory. The facade is interrupted by the aluminum composite coating, which is also curved and boxed, and covers the buildings in the areas of services.


2003 Rome


Categories: coverings, facades, enclosures, specials, stairs, large windows

Inside the large complex, premise of the FAO headquarters on the Aventine, a front portion of the building was renovated and converted to the Library named after David Lubin. As part of the implementation we have designed and built a large steel gallery, elliptical, supported by two "libraries" and a steel staircase covered with precious stone. The floor of the gallery is made of self-supporting glass placed on the radial beams. A parapet with elliptical transparent glasses enhances this particular work.

The loft has been fitted with a curved glass roof, suspended by means of special aluminum hangers to the trusses placed on the upper walls of the pre-existing court. This frosted glass cover, made of tempered laminated glass, suspended from anchor points, is not in direct contact with the exterior. A system of lamps for backlighting, suitably arranged above the curved glass, simulates the presence of the natural lite.

The entire library (approx. 1600sqm) is paved with a system of large glass tiles (load kg/sqm 850) laid on a carpet: the color of the carpet is reflected on the silk-screen printed on the non-slip tiles, creating an effect unique of its kind.

The front of the library which faces the street is screened with a long facade made of glazing suspended by points in two overlapping courses for a total height of 5.5 meters. The entire glass screen is then held in position by tempered glass modular bracing with high resistance.

On the glass wall the transparent automatic entrances are obtained, suspended from a special aluminum beam, anchored to the supporting devices for the spider glass.

Foggia District Government

2002 Foggia


Categories: facades, enclosures, specials, windows, large windows

This achievement demonstrates the company's expertise in the areas of design detail of heterogeneous components, the ability to coordinate action on several merchandise fronts, the logic of coordinated construction of complex components together with the overview of the development of the job order.

Numerous systems and components of anchorage, support, alignment and assembly have been specifically designed considering the specificity of the form of the building and its many interrelated fronts.

The Spider Glass, suspended by points, monolithic and made of insulating glass, have been put in place in many different situations: slanting, curves, polygonal, with penetrations of structural beams; they are equipped with silk-screen printing and special treatment, and can be connected either to the aluminum and/or to the stone components.

The supporting structures made of stainless steel in some cases are interrupted by the floor structure and resume regularly their alignment.

The curten walls coated in aluminum composite led to the creation of exceptional size boxed structures at high altitudes. The stone panel system required had to be realized using a bonding process involving resin on a honeycomb made of aeronautical aluminum to limit the suspended masses.

The exterior windows, with thermal performance insulated glass, are integrated into the aluminum and/or stone curten wall, and they come with electric powered stacking shutters.

Hospital Reservation Box

2000 Rome


Categories: coverings, specials, large windows

The continued growth of users has caused the Hospital Management to search for new spaces for the reception. The only available place (we are on the microscopic Isola Tiberina on the river Tevere) was an open inner courtyard.

We designed a barrel vaulted cover system, resting on the ledge of the capitals of the cloister, ultralight but with thermal performance. A system of stainless steel wire makes the structure suitable to the requests of lightness and transparency.

Under the glass dome a place has been found for a large Reservations Box made entirely by structural glass and wood. The box is floating on the floor that could not be affected by invasive foundation works. 16 large glazed ribs support the glass roof and the crystal windscreens, arranged in 12 reservation points for hospital services. The whole environment under the cover, together with the reservation box, possesses a unique plant for air treatment and ventilation.

Telecom Boxes

1999 Rome


Categories: specials, large windows

At the time of public telephony, the Telecom Company was looking for a phone booth that could get permission to be installed into the squares of the historic center of Rome.

With the occasion of the Jubilee of 2000, only a cabin entirely transparent could hope to obtain permission. Again the architectural design intuition was successful where others had tried a vain attempt.

This object, also honored abroad, is one of the few Italian examples of a structural use of glass: one that supports itself and something else... A phone booth made of 10 tempered and laminated glass panels, joined together by a system of spherical and hemispherical devices aluminum made, with a special design.

In its basic set up it forms 4 independent phone points and can be installed in just 12 hours including the platform.

The prototype was tested in every condition and received approval from the extremely strict quality system of Telecom. In his life in the square has been subjected to any kind of stress and vandalism. Only the advent of mobile telephony and the discontinuance of the public telephony could stop its spread. The rest is left to the pictures and the places where they were installed.

Airport Malpensa

1998 Milano


Categories: coverings

Cover shelters for the parking lot outside the arrivals hall. Composite beams 35 meters in length support a glazing system anchored to points and spiders for a total of 5,000 meters.

Certainly the greatest achievement in structural glass for the time.

We will let the numbers talk.

  • 2,080 tempered and laminated glass panels, 22 mm thick
  • 1,640 hardened aluminum spiders
  • 7,752 rotules in AISI 316stainless steel
  • 96 days for the installation

Airport Karol Wojtyla

2013 Bari


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Appartamenti privati

2014 Bari


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Cinema Galleria

2005 Bari


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Conservatorio Napoli

2012 Napoli


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Hotel Monaco

2001 Venezia


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Stabilimento Lobuono

2007 Bari


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Sede Monte dei Paschi

2012 Bari


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Orsanmichele Museum

2009 Florence


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The Museum is located inside the historic Loggia del Grano in Florence. It is located in front of the Palazzo dell'Arte della Lana, a short distance from both the Palazzo Vecchio and Santa Maria in Fiore.

In '67 the twenty large mullioned openings located on the imposing facades of the building were closed with toughened and shaped glass windows. The construction was to be considered "complex" for the time, given the large size of the windows placed at a considerable height from the road surface and from the floor inside.

The years and the meteorological stress progressively deteriorated the windows realized in this manner, creating significant safety concerns. After 40 years it has been an honor for us to receive a commission to design a project foe the replacement and placing in safety status with the utmost "respect for the monument."

The new windows have been installed in the same conditions as those existing, slightly altering the anchoring system and bracing. The large windows are made of only 4 volumes supported and braced by special vertical and horizontal ribs, which are also made of structural glass, almost invisible to the observer.

The connection system of the window to the ribs was obtained with devices made from transparent polycarbonate unique in their application.

Stabilimento Orion

2006 Matera


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Sede Assicurativa

2005 Bari


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Centro Direz.le Parkwest

2001 Dublino


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Teatro Petruzzelli

2009 Bari


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Ospedale Castellaneta

2000 Castellaneta


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Residence Casa d'Onghia

2008 Noci


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Centro Commerciale

2007 Brindisi


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Teatro F.OR.MA.

2009 Bari


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