Our History

Synergy stems from communication,
communication blooms from listening each other,
listening generates a conscious confidence

Pietro Ivona
President and CEO, Trait D’Union Ltd.

We at TRAIT D'UNION pride ourselves on delivery: ideas, creative visions, state-of-the-art design, innovative solutions, precision manufacturing. All this is what leads to the successful outcome of the final product.

Our approach is based on total collaboration, abiding communication and mutual trust among all project players.

We take an idea, a desire or an intuition and transform it into reality. TRAIT D'UNION provides tailor made innovative solution to meet customer needs and implement the architect's vision while never compromising the integrity and sustainability of the project. In any decision-making process, we hold the highest architectural, cultural and environmental standards.

Planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience to reflect functional, technical, social, environmental and aesthetic needs. This is the key to any succes. In order to obtain this, creativity, technology and the selection of the most suitable materials is required. This, in fact, is exactly what TRAIT D'UNION can deliver.

TRAIT D'UNION Ltd. is based in Bari, Italy, and was formed in 1997. In these years of tireless business we made a name for ourselves thanks to extremely significants projects.

Our expertise can be seen everyday by Microsoft employees in Rome, as they thake the glass lift to their offices; clients heading down to the vault at the Banque Société Géneral in Paris; millions of tourists appreciating the statue of Marcus Aurelius in the glass enclosure of the Capitolini Museums in Rome; not to mention admirers of the Ottoman Empire period architecture at the monumental complex of Bedestan in Nicosia, Cyprus, resored under a United Nations initiative. And this is just to name a few.

At TRAIT D'UNION we focus on meeting the challenges of discovering and developing the most suitable innovative project solutions for the ever-changin building needs of the Great Architecture.

The ability to successfully obtain results, by combining desing, vision, engineering and customer satisfactoin, stems from the union of several specific skills we at Trait D'Union hold dear. We are committed to a collaborative and constructive approach. From incetion through to installation, we bring care, professionalism, precision, collaboration and results. We guide our clients every step of the way to ensure the most positive and successful fo the outcomes are delivered.

At Trait D'Union we are proud of our corporate image and proactive business practice. Our commitment to excellence for our clients and the project has been fundamental to our success.


TRAIT D'UNION delivers, to the client, support from the start of the desing up to its final installation, ensuring the achievement of objectives.

This way, TRAIT D'UNION proposes itself as a single interface between the customer and the finished project, optimizing costs and times to reach the expected level of quality.

Solutions are meticulously conceived, designed and implemented by taking into account weather conditions, environmental aspects, geometries, dimensions, volumes and fit to existing buildings.

TRAIT D'UNION promotes constantly promotes industrial research and developes new ways to technological and architectural integration, energetic and environmental sustainability of the building envelope.


Quality design is not only a matter of organization, it shows its dignity and intrinsec ethic.

The use of reliable building techniques, sustainable materials and solutions conceived for human health, underline the passion of the professional worker in taking care of its own project.

Over the years, our we specialized our business offering to our clients:

  • Detail Engineering
  • Technical Support to Design
  • Desing
  • Building
  • Installation
by delivering:
  Curtain walls
  Coverings and Tensile Structures
  Metal Carpentry
  Alluminium Coverings
  Windows and more.

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